Two candidates ran for one seat, and the voter turnout was 3,684.

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# Candidate Slate
#1Alex Lee & Abhay SandhuSummit

Slate Representation

Two slates ran in this election. Slates are like political parties that run together as a group and pool resources.

#1 Choices Received By Each Slate

Slate Percent Count
Summit 57.87% 2132.00
LEAD 42.13% 1552.00

Seats Received By Each Slate

Slate Percent Count
Summit 100.00% 1.00

Number of Choices That Voters Ranked

Voters can rank as many or as few candidates on their ballot as they want.

Stat Value
Average # Ranked 1.47
Median # Ranked 1

Voter Satisfaction

Shows which choice on the ballot was elected for voters. This is different from ballot representation because a voter can have their second choice elected, even though their ballot went to elect their third or fourth choice during the count.

Choice Percent Count
#1 choice 57.87% 2132.00
No choices 22.18% 817.00
#2 choice 19.95% 735.00

Ballot Representation

Shows where each ballot ultimately ended up, which is subtly different from voter satisfaction.

Choice Percent Count
#1 choice 92.26% 1843.00
No choices 7.74% 154.53