Khaled Al Mutawa

As a person who is both Latino and Arab, I have had the wonderful experience of being a part of both cultures. As an international student who has family both here in the US and abroad, I am able to bridge the gap between international students and American Students.

While I am running to be International Student Representative, I will also strive to represent all students and act on their behalf. I aim to make resources from the International Student Office more accessible and aid students in achieving their academic and professional goals. The one promise I will make is that I will always take your suggestions and I will do my best in this position that I am seeking. While I do have goals I want to accomplish while in office, I refuse to lie to you and say that they will 100% be achieved, because in truth we do not know what the future holds and all we can do is try our best. After all, we are only human.

I promise to listen to the student body and push for what they want, as it does not matter what I stand for personally nor who I am. What matters is what the majority of students want, and the will of the majority shall persevere. I urge the student body not to vote for someone merely because of their slate but because of what they want to accomplish and whether they will truly listen to the students of UCD.