Gabriel Gaysinsky

Hey everyone! My name is Gabriel Gaysinsky and I am a second-year student double-majoring in International Relations and Middle Eastern/South Asian Studies here at UC Davis. I was appointed to ASUCD's Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission in Fall Quarter of 2022 and am now running to serve on the ASUCD Senate. As a senator, I will focus on promoting Jewish Representation, Environmental Advocacy, and Fee Elimination.

Jewish students make up approximately 10% of the student body, making us a sizable minority. However, we receive far less support from UC Davis than necessary. Upon entering office I will push for kosher food options in the dining commons. It is unacceptable that many Jewish students go without staple foods because campus does not provide them. I will ensure Diversity and Inclusion training for staff, admin, and educators including education on the Jewish community. Lastly, I will secure leniency from professors during religious holidays, including but not limited to extensions, passes, and accommodations. I will do my utmost to work with the UC Davis administration in order to accomplish these goals. As a representative of the entire student body, I will also work to ensure equity for all underrepresented religious groups.

While UC Davis prides itself on being one of the most sustainable universities in the United States and the world, a lot of improvements can still be made. My main goal as a senator in this area will be to ensure the stability of environmental grant programs like The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) which are at constant risk of being shut down. To remedy the situation I will draft legislation aimed at increasing voter turnout, as 20% of the student body needs to vote to pass student fee changes in ASUCD, including TGIF. I will also create smaller grant programs through ASUCD that mimic and expand on the work done by TGIF. Student-led environmental initiatives must be supported by ASUCD and by UC Davis as a whole.

My third goal as a senator is to eliminate unfair fees placed on West Village residents. Even though they are off-campus and do not receive the same benefits as on-campus residents, those living at West Village are still made to pay higher parking fees and other on-campus costs. I will also work to remedy the exorbitant parking fees paid by off-campus residents such as those living in Russel Park. These students, despite attending UC Davis, are made to pay visitor fees when parking on campus. This is absolutely unacceptable and I will introduce legislation to remedy the situation the minute I am in office.