Rahul Mukhopadhyay

I'm Rahul Mukhopadhyay and I'm a first year political science major running to become your next ASUCD Senator. During my time here, I’ve come to love this campus and am happy to call UC Davis home. But while I’m proud to be an Aggie, I’ve also witnessed problems here that can’t be ignored.

The safety of our students and our campus is my number one priority. The endless stream of CLERY notices detailing thefts, burglaries, and assaults has been disturbing to all of us, and it's become clear that we need immediate action. Sex offenses are also a great problem that often goes unreported and, even when they are reported, data shows that most sex offenses result in either no arrest or no formal investigation. The safety and wellbeing of our students are essential, which is why I will push for expanded camera systems, extended Safe Ride times, and self-defense training programs for the community. I will work with campus police, the Title IX Office, student organizations, and other community resources to prioritize policies that safely encourage reporting of crimes, increase community engagement, and ensure thorough formal investigations into all sex offenses.

Prejudice is another disturbing trend in our community. This year alone, there have been several major incidents of Jewish and Muslim members of our community being accosted for their faith. These brazen acts of hate have left them feeling vulnerable and marginalized. For our university to thrive, it's essential that every student feel comfortable on campus without fear of being attacked simply for who they are. We need a senator who will stand against bigotry in all forms and work closely with our administration and student organizers within marginalized communities to combat hatred campuswide.

Lastly I believe that here at UC Davis, no student should ever go hungry. A major issue students face are restrictive dining options which make it difficult to accommodate the schedule of busy students, especially on weekends. Dining common hours and residential markets close by 8, and with the Coffee House and the Silo restaurant complex closed on the weekends, many students who are not able to subscribe to the 7-day meal plan are left without options. Off-campus restaurants and deliveries are an expensive and time-consuming alternative that many of us can't rely on. As senator, I will work to direct the necessary funds to ensure that our on-campus dining options can hire more workers and stay open for longer so that no student is forced to choose between a busy academic schedule and regular meals.

We face many issues on this campus, but all of these can be solved if we work together to fix them. This spring, cast your vote so we can begin tackling the problems we face and ensuring better lives for all students!

Vote for me and Take Back Your Davis!