Inbar Schwartz

Join me in Building a Better Future for All UC Davis Students. As your ASUCD Senator, I will work diligently to create a more inclusive and accessible UC Davis community through commitments to improving housing availability, equity, and resources as well as classroom technology and policies in support of neurodiverse, international, and English language learner students.

If elected, I plan to prioritize face-to-face interaction in order to build relationships with students of all backgrounds and ensure everyone has the opportunity to be heard. In order to realize this goal, I will hold weekly open hours to engage with any student looking for a platform to discuss their concerns.

As a member of Davis Women in Business, J-Street, and the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee for Design as well as an employee of the Student Advocate Office on campus, I believe that this involvement with a large variety of student organizations has helped me better understand the pulse of the student body and see campus issues from the lenses of students of various age ranges, majors, and income levels.

I would be honored to serve as your representative in the ASUCD Senate and I thank you for your support.