Chasa Monica

Hello, my name is Chasa Monica (they/he) and I am running for senate because I am passionate about advocating for the best interests of our student body. I want to take this opportunity to share my visions for improving both the physical and cultural surroundings of our campus environment. Above all, I want to make UC Davis a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone. My three main goals include: more gender neutral restrooms, better mental health resources on campus, and providing more accessible outreach to advocate for the needs of students.

As a transgender man, I have experienced the daily struggles that come with the lack of gender-neutral restrooms on campus. It is dysphoric and even dangerous for those who fall under the transgender umbrella and gender-nonconforming individuals to use restrooms that do not align with their gender identity. This issue must be addressed immediately and it is imperative to me that everyone feels safe and comfortable on campus. Creating more gender neutral restrooms is necessary in creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment, and ensuring that all students, regardless of their gender identity, have facilities that meet their basic human rights. As your senator, I will work tirelessly to ensure the construction of additional gender-neutral restrooms across our campus.

Like many college students, I too have struggled with several mental health issues for years, and know how school can only exacerbate these issues. I understand firsthand how important maintaining your wellbeing is by having access to adequate mental health resources on campus. As your senator, I will push for greater funding and resources for the UCD's counseling center. Furthermore, I will work to create additional mental health resources for students, such as peer support groups and working alongside established mental health awareness campaigns. By improving mental health resources on campus, we can create a more supportive environment for students who are struggling with mental health issues.

My commitment to student advocacy extends beyond these specific issues. As your senator, I will actively ensure that your voice is heard and that your needs are met, which is why community outreach, and hearing your thoughts and concerns on a personal level is crucial to me. I want you to feel heard, and I want you to know that you have a say in what happens within our school on an administrative level. I will make sure to be a strong and vocal advocate for what this student body truly wants.

I am honored to have this opportunity to run and represent our community. I believe that with a strong community, we can create a more inclusive and supportive campus environment. By creating more gender-neutral restrooms, improving mental health resources, and advocating for your needs, we have the power to make our campus a better place for all students. I hope I, Chasa Monica, can earn your vote and work with you to create positive change at UC Davis.