Hey Aggies! My name is Celene Aridin and I am running to be your External Affairs Vice President. As the EAVP I would continue to work towards amplifying student voices and needs at the local, state, and federal levels. I believe it is important to focus on marginalized and underrepresented communities on campus to ensure that they are seen and heard in political spaces.

I have worked within the OEAVP office for the past two years, having started off as a volunteer campaign coordinator where I worked to increase student civic engagement on campus. I then became the Organizing director where I oversaw the different campaigns within the office that focused on racial justice, increasing the pell grant, and more. This past fall I was elected as EAVP and have worked to continue our presence in the capital as well as reaching out to student groups to ensure that they can take part in lobbying activities. I have also taken the time to listen to student concerns and more importantly, worked together to address them and find the appropriate resources and map out solutions.

Throughout my time in ASUCD, I have received the opportunity to learn new things from my fellow students and gotten the chance to become involved with a diverse range of advocacy-related events and campaigns. They include women's rights, environmental/indigenous justice, racial justice, disability rights, and basic needs. I have taken a part in and organized rallies, workshops, and lobbying. These opportunities have helped me grow as a person and provided me with insight into different campus communities.

If elected I would be honored to continue advocating on behalf of students, with students.