Alex Cohen

Hey Everyone!

My name is Alex Cohen and I am running to be your ASUCD Senator for the 2020-2021 School Year!

I am a first-year majoring in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior (NPB) in aspirations of becoming a surgical physician either in orthopedics, cardiology, or neurology. I am actively involved in Model United Nations, Science Olympiad, as well as Student Involvement through being an Orientation Leader. In the past, I have held two ASUCD positions, including Assistant to the Controller, where I learned the ins and the outs of the of ASUCD’s $15.3M budget, as well as the Student Health and Wellness Committee Chairperson, of which I am still an active Chairperson for, hoping to expand this newly reinvigorated Committee! As a result, I very well understand the structure of ASUCD and hope to change the system for the better!

Aside from the areas of involvement listed above, I take great pride in my involvement in Hillel on campus. My participation in this organization has even inspired one of my platforms on anti-semitism, as I will explain below. Through the opportunities I have had by interning with an orthopedic surgeon in the operating room, as well as volunteering both in the Cardio-Vascular Unit of my local hospital and intensive-care unit of my community’s elderly-care facility, I have been fortunate enough to understand the underlying connection humans have with one another and their great yearning to help their fellow human— a notion that has inspired my health-based platform.

I am running on three platforms: health, anti-semitism, and campus unity.

1. Through raising awareness about various health issues, whether it be something mental or physical, I aspire to destigmatize the need to ask for help as well as curb substance abuse around campus through grassroots movement and organization-specific discussions. Creating greater access to resources that students need the most as well as securing proper funding for the expansion of our current health-infrastructure, will be made possible through various fundraisers and grants that I will apply to for the sake of UC Davis Students.

2. Being a Jewish-American Student, I understand what it feels like to face anti-semitism on a daily basis and that is why it will be my mission to attempt to rid the campus of such sentiments in a way that involves the entirety of everyone’s thoughts and opinions— for the safety of Jewish students. Through the creation of forums within the campus of UC Davis as well as Townhalls across the City, we can bring about dialogue to the signs of anti-semitism and ways that these sentiments can be curbed by inclusive language in official documents for Jewish Students in Campuses across the nation.

3. And finally, the polarization around current campus politics inhibits the type of work that only campus unity can bring about, and I want to change that for good.

I look forward to running as your Senate Candidate for UC Davis!

Go Ags!

-Alex Cohen

Instagram and Facebook: @Alex_Cohen13