Alisha Hacker & Justin Weiner

Hi Aggies! We are Alisha Hacker and Justin Weiner and we are running to be your next ASUCD Exec Team!

I (Alisha) am a third-year Political Science Major and have been involved in ASUCD since my freshman year when I served as the Senate Pro Temp. I now serve on the oversight council for all of the UC Davis student fees, ensuring that every dollar that students give to UC Davis is used properly and for the benefit of all students. I (Justin) am also a third-year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major/Economics Minor and an EMT here in Davis. As a pre-health Aggie, I am determined to improve the health and safety of aggies both on campus and in the community. Additionally, we are also both members of Greek Life (Chi Omega and AEPi)! We both understand that academics come first at UC Davis and we are determined to make feasible changes to help every student THRIVE!

CoHo Expansion:

We know that midterms and finals can be difficult and students often find themselves studying in the library well into the late hours of the night. We want to make sure that each student has the fuel they need to succeed during these long study sessions. We are proposing an expansion of an existing program that brings CoHo coffee and snacks into the library during finals week. This means that students who are studying into late hours of the night in the library will have close access to coffee and snacks without having to leave the library especially when it is dark and cold outside. We want to support the academic success of each student by ensuring that every person has the fuel they need to be successful during finals and midterms season. Beyond this plan, we are hoping to expand the CoHo’s operations into the library on a permanent basis.


Student Health and Wellness is paramount to student success both in school and in life. One of our major goals is to work with the community to develop a way for students, particularly those living in the dorms, to have access to emergency medical care, regardless of the cause of that emergency, without fear of consequences from the university. Additionally, we want to start a program teaching alcohol and drug safety to leaders on campus. As college students, we know that alcohol and drug use is inevitable in our community, but we want to do everything in our power to help educate the community on how to be safe; how to recognize and deal with potential overdoses. We also want to help work with the CoHo and other major hubs of campus to ensure that they have access to bleeding control kits and staff trained in appropriate first aid in case of a major emergency. The campus fire department has already taken this initiative with beginning to teach the “Stop the Bleed” program, but we want to help expand this training to campus employees and any students who are interested to learn. These are just some of our many initiatives that can help ensure Aggie safety on campus and off at little or no cost to the association.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Advocacy:

We both believe that Sexual Assault Awareness and Advocacy is critical to student success here at UC Davis. We want to ensure that all students at this campus feel safe and know their reporting options should the need arise. We propose two plans to create a safer campus including the expansion of the Blue Light Program. Currently, there are only 8 blue lights on the UC Davis campus compared to the 185 on the UC Irvine campus which is 5 times smaller than ours. We believe the lack of blue lights represents a clear lapse in safety protocol at UC Davis that must be addressed. Additionally, we want to ensure that every student on this campus has immediate access to campus resources including CARE. We want to add the number for CARE to the back of every Student ID card to ensure that every student has immediate access to this resource.

Thank you for your vote! Remember to Vote Thrive #1-6 for Senate and for EAVP!