Tenzin Youedon

Hello! My name is Tenzin Youedon. My pronouns are she/her. With my experience working on the staff of a Senator in ASUCD as well as years of working for the Tibetan movement through various NGOs I have the necessary abilities to support our diverse community of students here in UC Davis as your Senator.


Being one of the 6 Tibetan students on campus I understand how it feels to be out of the loop. I will make sure ethnic/cultural/and identity based organizations are included in every discussion and every event related to ASUCD. Rather than simply making public the decisions made within ASUCD I will prioritize setting up meetings and will constantly reach out to these student organizations myself. I want to make sure students from all backgrounds on campus feel safe enough to express their opinions.


Although the Uni Trans is free sometimes it is inaccessible, arriving late or not at all. If I am elected I will work with TAPS/goCarpool to create a carpooling system similar to ZimRide. Once planned out logically and thoroughly it would be a great, environmentally sustainable way to get more students in class on time. We would create designated carpooling stops near bus stops all over Davis where students who are already on their way to class and have extra space in their personal car can pick up other students who may need a ride to campus. This carpooling system would help relieve cramped busses in the morning and drivers would receive a donation tip for their rides. I would also work towards changing more A spots into designated carpooling spots so those who plan on carpooling through this system will have more reserved spots on campus.


Because of the wildfires last year school was shut down for two weeks and ASUCD’s services weren’t being used causing a half a million dollar deficit in our resources. The financial status of ASUCD is scary, but it is not irreversible. Currently I am working on organizing a fundraising gala, a project spearheaded by Senator Shondreya Landrum. The fee referendum on the ballot will greatly increase the likelihood of ASUCD coming out of debt. Voting on the referendum is extremely important, without it we could lose so many important units such as the Bike Barn, the Pantry, Uni Trans, Picnic Day, and so many more. If I am elected as your Senator I will work tirelessly to relieve this debt through implementing more fundraisers because a debt-free ASUCD means more student jobs and more resources made available to the students on campus.

If you elect me as your senator I will never stop advocating for these changes and listening to your needs. If you have questions feel free to email me at tyouedon@ucdavis.edu and don’t forget to vote me, Tenzin Youedon as #1 and the rest of the amazing BASED candidates for #2-7!