Madeline Thompson

Hi Aggies!

My name is Madeline Thompson and I am running to be your next ASUCD senator. I am from the Bay Area and I'm currently majoring in political science with a minor in both economics and Spanish. I would like to be your next senator because I am passionate about student government and hope that together we can make UC Davis a safer, more inclusive, and healthier place for all students and staff.

I am ready to put in the work to get things done and have the leadership skills and drive to make things happen. Some of my platforms are presented below:

1. MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: UC Davis, like many public institutions, is not

equipt with the appropriate tools and resources to substantially support increasing student mental health needs. The typical wait time to meet with a counselor is over a month, and with a student body of over 30,000 and counting, this means that a large number of students are not getting the help they need in a timely manner. I am already in communication with several mental health advocacy groups here on campus who have agreed to help support my initiative to reform our mental health resources. If elected, I plan to work hard with not only these student-run groups but also our administration and counseling department to help students have better access to these services, while also working to help destigmatize mental health.

2. GREEK LIFE: While Greek organizations offer members the opportunity to

network and make lifelong friends, they also fundraise and donate thousands of dollars to local and national philanthropic organizations. Sororities and fraternities support a wide range of causes such as donating to local shelters that house domestic and sexual abuse victims or teaming up with the Ronald McDonald foundation to help provide housing for families with children going through cancer treatment. The greek community is large and powerful but has been under-appreciated and underutilized by the university. If I am elected I will work hard to better the communication between greek organizations and school officials to foster a stronger, more positive relationship. For students, for the Davis community, and the organizations they work with.

3. THE PANTRY: Being a college student is expensive; tuition, books, housing - the list seems to never end. Some students are forced to make difficult decisions such as not prioritizing food or eating a well-balanced meal. The pantry is an amazing resource that is helping fight food insecurity here on campus by providing students and faculty members with access to food items free of charge. If elected I will work hard to increase university funding for the pantry and will work with the pantry members to develop new ways to get local businesses to contribute food or funding for the pantry.

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to discuss them with you. I hope that I can earn your vote and together represent you on the ASUCD senate.