Kyle Krueger &Akhila Kandaswamy

Environmental Justice/Affordable Housing

I (Kyle), the Chair of the Environmental Policy and Planning Commission, have initiated on-campus efforts to address environmental injustice and the existential challenges of climate change. We will bring all environmental organizations together under a campus-wide coalition, in order to coordinate sustainability solutions. We will also introduce comprehensive surveys to identify sustainability challenges while expanding vegetarian/vegan dining options by empowering a new plant-based cafe. We are currently collaborating with organizations like the Office of Sustainability and Campus Center for Environment on these initiatives.

It is unacceptable that students are sleeping on the streets. We must take the fight for affordable housing to the State of California and advocate for sweeping reform to California law, empowering the Office of External Affairs Vice President to prevent special interests from deterring affordable housing projects.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Advocacy

My (Akhila’s) experience as the ASUCD Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Chair has taught me the harsh reality and prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Sexual assault and rape can happen to anyone. Survivors deserve to have a campus that hears their story and empowers them to feel comfortable reporting it. Through collaboration with Greek life and other campus organizations, we will increase sexual assault awareness. It is crucial to normalize consent, organize educational programs and workshops, and establish connections with campus departments like the WRRC, LGBTQIA+ Center, CARE, and the Title IX Task Force. We will also implement an annual Sexual Assault Awareness Conference in April, and ensure inter-campus collaboration to make UC Davis a safer campus for everyone.

Expand the Pantry/ Basic Needs and Services

As candidates, we support the Basic Needs and Services Referendum because it is essential to preserving student-led services like the Pantry, which ensures students can access a meal when they can’t afford one. (Kyle) recently voted to increase the Pantry’s space, and our next step is to increase the Pantry’s budget. We have met with the Pantry to discuss potential uses of the new funds, such as food storage.

We are also avid supporters of the Mental Health Initiative’s efforts at raising awareness, and we will advocate for greater health service accessibility. Both of us will also draw upon personal experiences to elevate the voices of the disability community on campus.

We will strive to be good listeners as we assist units in providing basic needs and services, fighting food insecurity and securing basic student rights.

Transparency/ Structural Reform

Many of the issues with ASUCD are not due to bad intentions, but rather deeply-rooted, systematic errors. It’s time to resolve structural issues head-on. We will develop infrastructure to rapidly publicize position vacancies; develop trainings for newly elected officials; and expand voting booths. We will enforce more extensive outreach hours so that instead of waiting for students to come to them with their problems, elected officials visit underrepresented communities to propose solutions. And we will livestream Senate meetings and publicize Elections Committee meetings, making transparency and smooth elections a top priority.