Adam Hatefi

Student Housing:

Over 18 months ago, the voters of the city of Davis voted for the development of the Nishi 2.0 project. Due to a lawsuit, the project has not yet started. Ensuring that affordable student housing can be built is our top priority. We are sponsoring a bill in the California State Legislature that will prevent prolonged litigation for student housing projects. We are also rewriting a Davis city ordinance, which will allow for more rapid development of student housing.

Gender Equity and Reproductive Rights:

Along with the ASUCD Gender and Sexuality Commission, I have initiated a Title IX Policy Task Force to develop State and university policy proposals to combat Title IX cutbacks on the federal level. In addition, in cooperation with Free the Period California and PERIOD at UC Davis, we are sponsoring a bill that will mandate free menstrual products in every public education institution in California.

Social Justice, Equity, and Undocumented Student Resources:

Ensuring that students from marginalized backgrounds have access to the resources they need in order to succeed in college could not be more important. Therefore, along with the UC Student Association and the UC System, we are pushing the State of California to provide $20 million a year for equity programs as well as $23 million a year to pay for resources for undocumented, foster youth, and formerly incarcerated students.

Tuition Hike Prevention:

I have worked with UCSA and many activists and lawmakers to prevent a tuition hike this year. I will be attending the next regents meeting in March to ensure that they do not raise our tuition. At a time when student debt is skyrocketing and the cost of attendance is already too much to bear, I will do everything in my power to prevent another tuition hike.

Voter Registration:

Due to our partnership with the Yolo County Clerk’s office, this year, for the first time, there will be an on-campus, same-day voter registration office, so that students are able to register on election day. In collaboration with the Student Voter Coalition, we have registered more than 1500 students. We intend to increase that number to 2500 by the end of this school year, and to 3000 by the end of fall.

College Readiness:

In order to provide new and prospective students, especially those from marginalized communities, with the resources they need to succeed, we are sponsoring two bills in the state legislature to enhance the quality of high school education in California. In addition, our K-12 Project aims to partner with student organizations and the local school district to develop a pilot program which we will bring to the state within the next school year.

If you would like this work to continue, and for ASUCD to continue to be one of the most active student associations in the state and the country, I am the person who can finish these projects and ensure that you and all our fellow students are represented in every level of government.