Derek Foster

My name is Derek Foster and I am running to be your next ASUCD Senator. Join me in making UC Davis a better place to learn and call home! Student government’s sole purpose is to advocate for the interests of everyday students and as a Senator, I will never lose sight of my purpose. Join me in making UC Davis a better place to learn and call home!

One of my platforms while in the Senate will be to ensure that ASUCD units, such as the Pantry, Unitrans, CoHo, and Picnic Day receive the funding that they need. ASUCD units, such as these, are fundamental to student life, culture, and health. As your ASUCD Senator, I will work tirelessly to not allow crucial ASUCD units to be defunded, while also advocating for units to receive the critical funding they need to function and be able to serve the community at large.

If you elect me to be your next Senator, I will commit myself to increasing UC Davis’s programs that help students find jobs and internships outside of the University. Successful careers are the dream of all students and ASUCD should be relentless in providing Davis students with every possible advantage and opportunity to achieve real-world experience in the fields that they are pursuing. Supporting student’s career goals include, acquiring multiple companies from multiple fields to participate in our career fairs, helping students obtain internships, and assisting professional clubs on campus.

UC Davis needs to establish a student investment fund to give our students hands-on experience in asset management. Companies in the financial services sector often require prior experience in asset management before accepting students into their summer programs. A student investment fund would give UC Davis students a competitive edge in the internship market and increase UC Davis’s reputation for producing students that are prepared to pursue their careers. In doing so, I hope to be able to give fellow aggies opportunities to get real-world experience in money management, investing, and financial planning. Teaching students about finance, while also providing a competitive edge when applying for jobs and internships will benefit the campus at large.

I will also commit to helping keep UC Davis’s campus beautiful and accessible to all bikers. Nothing is more frustrating than not having a spot to park your bike when spots are taken by clearly abandoned bicycles. I want to work with student life to make sure that old bicycles that do not belong to anyone or have been abandoned, are removed and either recycled or donated to people who need a bike. I will work with Campus Center for the Environment and student life, to make sure we have more compostable, recycling, and trash cans around campus. I want to make sure that the campus is not just beautiful but also clean for students, animals, and the environment around us.