Laura Elizalde

Hello Aggies!

My name is Laura Elizalde (she/her/hers) and I am a third-year Political Science major with an Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning minor. More importantly, I am a Latina leader passionate about voicing concerns from students across communities.


As a first-generation student, I recognize the importance of having student support both inside and outside the classroom. As Senator, I plan to work endlessly with the Mental Health Initiative (MHI) and draft legislation that will work towards increasing counselors on campus. I will also advocate for increased ASUCD budget allocations, which allow for the expansion of mental health resources that acknowledge the diversity in people’s needs.

In order for students to succeed in an academic or personal level, we must empower our communities by providing adequate and necessary resources, especially for mental health support. According to a report by the UC Davis Mental Health Task Force, 64.8% of UC Davis undergraduate students felt overwhelming anxiety, while 49% stated they were so depressed they could not function. We attend a top 5 public university in the nation, we should not have to wait weeks to meet with a counselor or get into a support group-- our mental health must be prioritized.



Among undergraduates, 23.1% of females, 5.4% of males, and 21% of TGQN (transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming) students experience sexual assault. As a member of both the Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee (SAAAC) and Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, I intend to be a bridge between ASUCD and Greek Life and thus consolidate the current efforts being taken by both communities. By doing so, we can ensure that our measures are effective and sensitive to survivors. I also intend to work with SAAAC in order to offer free self-defense classes for all students interested. Although I intend to prioritize educational methods aimed at eliminating the root causes of sexual assault, I recognize that our communities should also be empowered through available resources. Furthermore, it is critical we partake in open dialogue about sexual assault in order to be better allies and create a safe environment for all.



Being a Campus Leader for the UC Ambassador Program and Co-Founder of the Chicanx Latinx Collegiate Association has taught me the importance of advocating for proper representation. I recognize the value of diversity and promise to ensure all student voices are being considered during decision making. While I cannot pretend to firsthand know the struggles our diverse communities face, I can promise to listen, care, and fight for change.

I am excited to see what we accomplish! Remember to vote me, Laura Elizalde #1 for Senate, BASED #2-4, and BASED for Exec! If you have any questions or concerns you wish to share, please reach me at