Maria Martinez

Hello Aggies!

My name is Maria Martinez and I have the extreme privilege to be running for the office of External Affairs Vice President! During my time at UC Davis, I’ve learned the inner workings of ASUCD as a former Senator and current Judicial Council member. As such, I know how ASUCD can impact student lives on campus, and I’d like to continue that same beneficial advocacy for students on a city, state, and national level.


From 2000 to 2017, UC Davis has seen a 47% growth surge in the campus’s student population. With that, the competition for housing has become highly competitive and expensive with rent having been increased by over 31% (ASUCD-GSA Housing Affordability and Insecurity Survey, June 2019). On our campus alone, this housing instability has led to 18% of students reporting that they’ve experienced homelessness, had to move multiple times during the year or even had to share a room without a lease. In addition, 2% of students have reported living in their cars or somewhere that was not intended to be a living space. These percentages are too high. If elected, I plan on closely working with our own Housing Advising for Undergraduate Students to create a united front when lobbying to the city of Davis, connect students with advisors that can help them secure living spaces, and promote the annual student housing fair that HAUS hosts! In addition, I will attend joint housing meetings held by Student Housing and Dining Services and the city of Davis as the student body's voice. Having a stable living environment is key to a successful educational career, and that’s why this is an important platform in my campaign.


Fully funding our university and UC’s across the state is a critical mission for all elected EAVP’s. As the first person in my entire family to attend college, I understand the necessity of having a well-supported university that can grant pathways to finding financial aid resources, further options after undergraduate education, and personal well being. While our campus has steadily been improving in regards to these resources through the construction of community centers such as the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Success and the Internship and Career Center, we can continue and strive to improve our campus. I plan on fighting for these resources by sending student lobbying interns to our capitol and advocate for the necessity of university funding. I also intend to be a connection between the student body and our legislators when discussing issues such as potential tuition hikes that are currently on the table statewide as we speak. Just as housing is an essential component of student success, adequate resources during and after one’s time here at UC Davis are also essential. As a student myself, I believe I have the capacity to back these necessary causes on whichever level I find myself in.

I believe the EAVP office should embody student unity and speak only with intentions to strengthen our campus community. If elected, the well-being of this campus will be my number one overall priority.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Don’t forget to vote THRIVE!