Alexis Lopez-Perez

ASUCD has been at the forefront of making students' lives easier since its early beginnings to the present day. While this work has continued through our current resources such as The Pantry, Unitrans, The Coffee House, The Bike Barn, and The Mental Health Initiative, the current ASUCD has not been able to expand these resources due to budget constraints. The Basic Needs and Services Referendum would allow ASUCD to continue this objective of creating new resources and expanding the ones already established.

I would begin my term by ensuring that in the new budget our existing units are given the funds necessary to grow and continue to be successful in aiding students. I also want to keep prices low for students at places like The Coffee House and The Bike Barn. Our campus is our second home and it is vital that students feel that they are being supported, whether that be having a comfortable place to study, being able to grab an affordable meal, getting to and from campus safely, or attending a fun event.

I aim to create new resources that will be beneficial for students, such as providing free testing materials-- blue books, scantrons, calculators, and pencils. I will also initiate a tutoring program where ASUCD will provide free tutoring hours for undergraduates at UC Davis. These goals will be accomplished by using support from the Basic Needs and Services Referendum, as well as writing legislation to pull from the senate reserves that prior senate tables have refused to use on multiple occasions. I will not shy away from using ASUCD funds for the benefit of students, but I will ensure that student funds are not used recklessly and without caution.

Finally, I will start an outreach committee. Many students may feel that senators or other ASUCD employees only commit to the idea of outreach when elections come around; I wish to change this perception of ASUCD. This outreach committee’s mission will be to proactively connect to students to the senate and make sure their voices are heard, as well as keeping the student body informed on all things ASUCD. The committee’s job will be to come to you, not the other way around. We as an association should not expect students to spend their free time trying to figure out what it is that we are doing as senators. If elected my job would be to represent students and their desires, not my own.

These are realistic projects that can be accomplished with the passing of the Basic Needs and Services Referendum, along with the senate reserves that have not been touched in years, and by working with other committees and units to write legislation. My priority is to serve students; if we do not help each other succeed who will? ASUCD does not belong to a handful of student senators or to just one group of students, it belongs to us all, it is our ASUCD.