Roberto Rodriguez Ibarra

As a first generation, homeless, and independent student, I have encountered several challenges in UC Davis, such as impostor syndrome, being a homeless student and coming from another country have made my stay at UC Davis harder, resources such as Aggie Compass, Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) have helped me navigate UC Davis. STEP helped me find my community and taught me how to make use of all the resources we have on campus, and the resources provided by EOP such as tutoring have helped me improve my grades. Based on my experiences and people I have met in these organizations, one of my main campaign goals are to expand resources such as EOP, STEP and Aggie Compass for people, because not everyone knows about these resources. I will also advocate for more resources for independent and homeless students, because UC Davis does not have any designated department for homeless and independent students.