Shreya Deshpande

Mental Health

I plan to continue the work that Justin and I had started as ASUCD Exec, and work with the Basic Needs Advisory Committee, the Student Health and Wellness Center, and our very own Mental Health Initiative to continue to advocate for equitable mental health resources. I will advocate for the increased funding for the Mental Health Conference. Through dialogue, community healing and advocacy, the Mental Health Conference reaches over 1,000 students annually. I will continue my current project of updating the Canvas Red Box to ensure information about mental health and basic needs resources reaches every student on our campus.

Student Workers Rights

The recent hardships of the UCPath payroll system faced by over 85% of ASUCD employees impacted students’ ability to pay rent, buy food, and cover other necessary expenses that required a complete paycheck. I worked with Coffee House employees to march to Mrak Hall in Fall 2019 and co-authored a resolution to address these difficulties that the UCPath implementation caused. Given that undergraduate students are not able to unionize within ASUCD, the Student Workers Rights Commission is a necessary voice to our Senate Table, and I commit to closely working with them, the ASUCD Controller, and the ASUCD Business Manager to advocate for regaining ASUCD’s financial autonomy and its ability to pay employees in a timely manner. Addressing student workers rights is essential to creating a campus that cares for the holistic welfare of student employees.

Affordable Housing

I will commit to working with HAUS (Housing Advising for Undergraduate Students), the Office of the External Affairs Vice President, and the Executive Office to effectively promote housing resources for students on campus. Furthermore, the abysmal 0.4% vacancy rate in the City of Davis has severely impacted students’ ability to find affordable housing within the city. I will actively promote the Joint Housing Task Force, and ensure student voices are centered in the conversation to ensure equitable housing resources for undergraduate students, nontraditional students, transfer students, and graduate students. Housing is a necessity, and no student should have to be housing insecure whilst attending UC Davis.

Appropriate financial allocation

I have actively written language for, and promoted the ASUCD Basic Needs and Services Referendum. With its hopeful passage, I will ensure as a voting member of the Table, that funding is appropriately and equitably allocated for all of ASUCD’s units, committees, and subsidiary bodies. We are the largest employer on campus, and host events that make UC Davis’ name shine like the Mental Health Conference, Picnic Day, Sunset Fest, and the Whole Earth Festival. None of these entities can function to their full potential without the support of an Executive Team and Senate Table that is aware of their needs. I have had the pleasure of working directly with all of our Unit, Committee, and Commission leaders and will carry these valuable connections with me to the Senate Table to ensure ASUCD is always supporting the bodies that truly make it for students, by students.