Lucas Fong

A little over a year ago I arrived at the University of California – Davis, a school boasting a fabulous reputation with an even more impressive community of students to match. Coming from my home state of Washington, the idea of moving away from everything I knew was a daunting one to say the least. With that said, reflecting now on that life changing decision, I wouldn’t change a thing. While I, like many, have experienced my fair share of trials and tribulations - what UC Davis has provided me, is an immeasurable debt that I will never be able to fully repay. From the lifelong friendships I’ve forged, to the growth that this place has fostered for me, my only hope is to leave this university better than I found it. This is how I plan on doing so:

Recognition and Support for all groups at UC Davis

There are well over 800 student run clubs on campus, yet, the only people who end up hearing about these accomplishments, philanthropic efforts, and community improvements are those in the club and their close associates. Publicity efforts supplemented by ASUCD’s wide-cast network would propel these various events to attain that next level of success; which results in benefits for both the club and the community.

Campus Resource Utilization

UC Davis is a leader amongst universities in terms of its amount of resources set in place to support students and provide a healthy, positive environment for them to nurture their growth and education. I believe campus outreach needs to be emphasized at the source. It can be daunting to reach out for help, especially with a stranger at the university you are attending. The sad reality is, the majority of students will leave Davis haven’t ever utilizing the expansive resources offered to them. Emphasizing two of the most important aspects in today’s college student life – Mental Health and Academic Success; UC Davis offers extensive resources to deal with any and all issues students have. How we can remedy this is by being more proactive and direct in how we reach out to students to break the ice and help improving more and more student’s time here at UC Davis.

Working to Support the Students

At the end of the day, each and every one of us came here to leave in 4 years with a degree from the University of California – Davis. However, as we all know, sometimes it’s not as simple as getting from Point A to Point B. Should the time come where an extraneous circumstance prohibits one from pursuing academics at UCD, I intend on making the steps to get back on track seamless and transparent in order to ensure you achieve what you came here for. Improving communication with professors, advisors, and students will ensure we're displaying equal effort and are operating with as high a level of understanding to one's situation as possible, effectively reducing our rising numbers of dismissals.

Let’s Thrive Together.