Noah Pearl

I applied to UC Davis because my Grandparents live in Sacramento. I liked the idea of leaving home while still having people who cared for me nearby. Davis was the first and only school that I visited -- by the end of the tour, I had already decided that this would be my new home. Back then, I had no idea how Davis would shape my life and my identity, but after only two years I am eternally grateful for all of the experiences this place has given to me. As a leader of the Jewish community, the President of Alpha Epsilon Pi, a student worker and researcher, and a current ASUCD commissioner, I want to give back to this community by representing and fighting for students as your next ASUCD Senator. Here are my plans:

Modernizing Transportation Services:

JUMP recently brought 60 bright red rental bikes to campus. These bikes are a great addition to our campus, especially for students who cannot afford a bike or had one stolen. I want to work with JUMP to bring more of these bikes to campus so that the service is available to more students. Several Universities also have partnerships with Uber or Lyft to provide free rides to students on weekend nights within a certain radius of campus. Currently, many students choose to walk home at night because it is cheaper than ordering a ride, Safe Ride only picks up on campus, and waiting for Tipsy Taxi often takes longer than walking. Rideshares and their ability to pick up off campus would encourage students to be driven home safely if the service was free. Reallocating money to this partnership may be a more efficient use of student funds.

Improving Long-Range-Plans:

Long-Range-Plans are documents that outline the history, current operations, and future goals of each ASUCD Unit. Units have consistently struggled to complete them in a timely and thorough manner. If taken more seriously, LRPs can greatly increase institutional memory and accountability within each Unit. I want to distribute the work across all seven ASUCD commissions, rather than just one as it currently stands, so that each Unit receives more attention and time. Furthermore, I want to require all Senators to help their adopted Units with their LRPs. This will help ensure that each Unit has a manageable roadmap for how to operate and expand in the future.

Out-of-State Community Resources:

I want ASUCD to sponsor community meals during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks, specifically so that students unable to go home have access to a free meal in a community environment. I believe promoting events like this would help build stronger bonds within our student body, provide an opportunity for different communities that do not interact much to come together for the holidays, and make sure that no student goes hungry due to a lack of affordable meal options during breaks.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” - Helen Keller