Maya Barak

I am a student leader in many ways, from my involvement in non-profits through Camp Kesem, as well as holding a Director position in Delta Gamma, and being a proud member of the Jewish community. I also work in the Global Affairs Department on campus at the International Center as a Student Assistant and Ambassador to the department. This brings me closer to the international community and gives me a stake in the wellbeing of a multifaceted student population. I am an international relations major working assiduously to change the world, by utilizing the prestigious advantage I’ve been given by attending UC Davis, and getting a coveted higher level education. This is why I’m so passionate about using the resources at my disposal to the advantage of the greater whole, and this is ultimately why I would like to be your next ASUCD Senator. I am in the business of helping people. Here are some of my ideas:

ASUCD Resource Awareness:

By utilizing my reach into these various communities, and in hopes of expanding into an even wider array, if elected, I would like to raise awareness for ASUCD resources. There is a current constitutional amendment on the ballot alongside the Senate candidates, which would create a new position of Student Advocate. This position exists on other campuses like UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. The goal is to help students in areas where ASUCD has never helped students before, including financial aid, student housing, and SJA matters. My hope is that this transparency and increased outreach improves voter turnout.

Minority Advocacy:

This increased voter and ASUCD resource awareness would lead into increased opportunities for change that could help minority groups on campus. I would like to start by advocating for InterFaith floors in the dorms, in order to better utilize existing space while opening up the channels for dialogue and creating meaningful connections. I plan to utilize my connections in the International Center on campus, as well as work closely with student representatives from various faiths to push the campus to provide more options for kosher and halal food in the Dining Commons. By offering options, this opens up the conversation for inclusivity for all minority groups. Through more inclusion, the UC Davis campus can become more united, and less divisive as a whole.

ASUCD-Greek Relations:

I am currently in talks with both the Panhellenic and IFC presidents to plan a potential Panhellenic-IFC-ASUCD joint fundraising and philanthropy event. This event would incentivize the greek community to promote itself and its philanthropic causes to other communities, extending its reach beyond the bubble of the Greek community. Additionally, I would like to capitalize off this being a top research institution, especially in the fields of sustainability and agriculture, and taking example from West Village’s z-net energy to bring sustainable energy to student housing. Specifically, I would like to make use of ASUCD’s resources to help Greek houses go green by pushing for a plan to get solar panels set up.