Francisco Lopez Montano

I fell in love with Davis the way I fall asleep: Slowly at first, then all at once. I love it for its beautiful trees, I love it for its fascinating classes, but I love it most for the communities it holds. Here I have found the most fascinating, intellectually & politically diverse group of students. Students overworked, overstressed, and yet with a willingness and determination to do what has to be done to attain that degree. I can identify with that. I identify with a lot of other things as well. I’m a first generation student. I am a hispanic immigrant identifying as pansexual & non-binary. I'm a determined student & a voracious reader. I strive to continuously learn. However, I’d say one of my most defining traits is that I know when to stand up and speak. Especially when the needs of students are not being met. Especially when I know we can do better. We can work together and start by making sure that our campus is united in this conversation.

Club Representation:

It starts with Clubs. With over 500+ student organizations on campus covering many interests, ASUCD needs to first prioritize its long term connections with all Registered Student Organizations (RSO). ASUCD and RSO’s can fundraise for their common causes. We can work to expand RSO capital for recruitment by coordinating with Campus & Event Services to provide double the tabling area during the first four weeks of Fall Quarter. We can initiate and lead the long-term expansion of RSO lockers such as those underneath Freeborn Hall. We can make success at Davis attainable for all our student organizations regardless of membership size because when our Clubs and Organizations are connected & engaged, the student body’s needs can be addressed.

United Student Advocacy:

We continue that conversation through United Student Advocacy for common causes. The Office of Advocacy and Student Resources has various initiatives for the next year concerning its training and implementation of lobbying groups. Furthermore, there are already dozens of student organizations working for common causes such as safer, cheaper, and more housing in Davis. There are many other organizations focusing on problems at the University administration level concerning misuse of mental health funds, inappropriate handling of sexual misconduct allegations, and lost funds from the budget. ASUCD can coordinate with student organizations to make clear the questions, needs, and demands of our student body.

Campus Elections Involvement:

The best way to ensure both the inclusion of the student body and its continuation through long-term systematic change is by focusing on the first step of democracy: Voting. We must increase the visibility of our elections and ensure their accessibility. By partnering with Computer Lab Management we can work to reserve a couple of computers as priority voting stations at each of the computer rooms around campus. We can strategize a Get Out The Vote program in coordination with Student Organizations and promote elections through 30 second class presentations.