Sean Kumar

Hi, Aggies!

My name is Sean Kumar and I am a second year NPB major. Growing up, I often visited my Mom’s hospital to shadow doctors. Due to constantly being around this circle of influence, I learned the significance of empathy in connecting with others. I got the opportunity to utilize my newfound ability when I joined my high school’s leadership program; I was able to view my high school’s problems from a perspective where I was able to incite change. This demonstrated how influential student participation in leadership roles can be. I want to continue my empathetic problem solving perspective to ASUCD senate.

Mental Health Advocacy:

Due to the rigorous and competitive nature of STEM majors, mental health issues have become prevalent with students. UC Davis needs to do a more thorough job in providing resources for students. Per The Aggie, “[An] Internal Audit Reveals a Steep Decline in Counselors, $250,000 Worth of Questionably Allocated Funds”. This decline in resources specifically allocated for the mental health sector makes it evident that UC Davis cannot attain their own standard of a 1000:1 students per therapist ratio; we are currently at a 7000:1 ratio. To achieve my goal, I want to work with the Mental Health Initiative and talk to the administrative department to develop attainable policy changes that will help ease the burden on students facing these issues.

STEM Career Workshops:

When I began to embrace Davis as my new community, I was able to pinpoint the problems that my peers were most concerned about; this is why I want to become involved in student government. Besides STEM representation on Senate, I want to use my jurisdiction, in partnership with STEM-based organizations, to host workshops that can advise students in pursuit of their careers. These workshops can connect UC Davis alumni to undergraduate students to provide subjective advice on how they can best pursue their careers.

Zero Waste Standards:

Inspired by my high school’s efforts to improve campus environment cleanliness and UC Berkeley's “Cal Zero Waste” program, I want to push for better zero waste standards. Although UC Davis is already working towards zero waste standards, there are problems that we can work on together as a community to help expedite the process. For example, during the lunch rush hour, the trash can overflows frequently; this is problematic because there are many compostables and recyclables that are in the landfill bin. I plan on working with the Environmental Policy & Planning Commission to develop policy changes to help reduce waste output and littering. Climate change and environmental degradation are urgent problems that every person and organization needs to work to solve so that as a community, we can be a part of progressive change that contributes to a better environment.