Alexis Ramirez

Fellow Aggies,

I’m Alexis Ramirez and I’m honored to announce my candidacy for ASUCD Senate. I’m a fourth-year political science major and I’m looking to become your future Senator.

A Senator’s role as an elected official entails complete representation of the entire student body. To this end, a Senator is responsible for ensuring that every student is equitably represented irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, or creed.

UC Davis symbolizes a community whose strength is in large part due to its diversity. A diverse and open community offers its members the ability to develop ideas and beliefs without the fear of reprisal. This philosophy is reflected by our university’s “Principles of One Community.”

If elected Senator, I will strive to adhere to the principles that have allowed for our campus to grow to what it is today. I believe I have the proper ideas and experience to serve on the ASUCD Senate.

The measures I intend to propose will serve the student body at large. These measures include, but are not limited to:

1.) Promoting Student Health

Ensuring that meals provided through “The Pantry” are nutritionally balanced. This would entail taking meetings from the Yolo County Food Bank and administrators in the pantry to create a comprehensive solution to this problem.

No student should go to bed or class hungry.

2.) Holding Administration Accountable

Creating an accountability system in which OASR sends out to semi-regular questionnaires aimed at measuring the student body’s confidence in the school administration.

It’s vital that the tuition we pay and taxes paid for by Californians goes to school administrators that care about the students.

3.) Greater Government Efficacy

Committing to fully staffing all ASUCD Committees/Commissions.

Fully staffing committees and commissions is essential in ensuring that the ASUCD government is run effectively. As of recent, many of these institutions lack proper staffing making the objectives of these institutions difficult to accomplish.