Peiyuan (Tony) Chen

Hi everyone, my name is Peiyuan Chen (Tony). I am an international student from China and I am interested in Computer Science major. This year, I decided to run for ASUCD Senate with the BASED slate because I want to be the voice for all International students who are currently not being represented by ASUCD even though they contribute a lot to UC Davis.

If elected, here are some of the changes I would like to bring to the table:

1) Relocate Parking Structures

The current parking structure is not friendly to students. The A permit area always has a lot of empty spaces while the area for C permits is always full even with stack parking in progress. There are lots of empty spaces far from the center of campus, but this is not an ideal option for students since it is so far away from their classes. Students would rather wait for spots in the parking structure than park far away because no one wants to walk back and forth between lecture halls and parking lots far away. I heard from many students saying its either getting a ticket (park at A permit area) or missing the entire lecture. Currently, lots of students spend hundreds of dollars a year but can not find a single spot during regular lecture time.

First I would like to work with the Transportation Services (TAPS). Contact TAPS to see the possibility of making A permit area and C permit area distribute more evenly. Another possibility is to switch some of the A permit area to C permit. Second, install parking indication lights for parking structures just like the UC Davis Medical Center parking structure. (a device with lights on the ceiling. While the spot is empty, the light turns green). Lastly, ask the university register to run simulation while scheduling classes, mix first-year students’ classes with upper division classes at the same lecture hall to relieve the pressure of parking.

2) Establish an International Students Day

International student takes about one-fifth of undergraduate students’ population, however, there is not much on-campus activity that involves the vast majority of international students. By combining all kinds of International Student organizations into the International Student committee, it will help international students coming from different continents network with each other better and work together to get better involvement in campus activities. I believe having a special day like this would bring people together, celebrate who they are and where they come from.

3) Create Study Abroad Peer Mentoring Program

It’s important that UC Davis hires International students coming from the region study abroad program is going to take place. Instead of showing domestic student about foreign universities on a sheet of paper, international students coming from that area can work together with the program to give potential students an intuitive understanding of the life they should expect if they choose to study abroad at that university.

Please vote #1 for me and vote #2 for BASED.