Ricky Zapardiel

“America is a place where all things are possible”

-Barack Obama

Hey, fellow Aggies! My name is Rick Zapardiel and I am a 1st generation Filipino-Spanish-American veteran and transfer student studying Political Science-Public Service from San Francisco, CA. I have decided to run for ASUCD Senate so I can give a voice to the students who are underrepresented and to make a positive impact on the community I’ve come to call home. This campaign is about you, your needs, and your wants as a student. I live by the ethos of “we have to leave the campsite better than we found it.” I believe that it is important to strive to make the community you are a member of a better place. Our campus represents ethnicities, cultures, and religions from all parts of the globe, we need to live together with cohesion and in harmony. As a ASUCD Senator my ambition is to unite students with different perspectives and different beliefs towards common goals. My experiences as a member of the UC Davis Men’s Crew, Theta Chi Fraternity, CFO of the Pre-Law Association, Princess Pals at UC Davis, and Davis Student Veterans Organization have given me useful insight into the needs of the student body on campus. Among my ambitions as a future ASUCD Senator I plan on addressing three pressing concerns of UC Davis students:

Food Insecurity:

Food security has been an issue for students at UC Davis for years. Recent studies have indicated that up to 50% of students have either “low” or “very low” food security on campus. I want to continue the movement to ensure my fellow students have enough to eat. With The Pantry, I plan to help establish more locations of where free food is distributed and help raise awareness so more low-income students can take advantage of this resource. I also want to expand The Pantry’s partnerships with local business to increase the amount and variety of food available.

1st Generation Resources:

Some 1st generation students come to UC Davis not only culture shocked but also lacking the knowledge of resources available to help them succeed on campus. I want to use the momentum of the First Generation Initiative to continue making students lives easier on campus. As an ASUCD Senator, I want to raise awareness for 1st generation resources and create more workshops and group study classes to help 1st generation students take full advantage of their time at UC Davis.

Bike Security:

It is known that UC Davis is a major target for bike thieves. In fact I think most of us can probably say we know someone whose bike has been stolen. This has gone on for too long and I believe it is time to strive for better security for our bicycles. I plan to work with UC Davis Transportation Services and the campus administration to explore all options for protecting our bikes including installing security cameras.