Brandon Clemons

Hello Fellow Aggies.

My name is Brandon Clemons and I am running to be your next ASUCD Senator! I am a 3rd year Managerial Economics, Philosophy, and Psychology triple major. While I have undoubtedly enjoyed my time being a member of the Davis community, I have noticed a few essential elements that I believe could be improved. As an elected senator, I will dedicate my last year as a student towards creating changes in an effort to optimize the UCD experience for current and future generations of Aggies. My immediate goals are as follows:

Improving Shields Library:

Given how challenging being a college student is, there is no reason why the stress of not having access to an ideal study space should present an additional obstacle. Currently, many students don’t view the library as their first choice place to study or even an option at all due to several of its shortcomings.

-Wifi: The wifi in the Main Reading Room, 24 Hour room, and any other area of the library where the connection is weak needs to be strong enough for any type of computer to access the internet with reasonable speed.

-Snacks/Coffee: I’d like to collaborate with the CoHo to extend there unit into the library so that vending machines and coffee can be available to students.

-Chargers: I want to increase the number of power strips at the tables in the library. For those tables that are not immediately outlet accessible, I will strive to create a method where students can, with there student ID cards, rent (for free) portable power banks.

-Comfort: Another item I want to make rentable to students are back pillows so that students don’t have to cease there studying because of chair discomfort.

-Sustainability: The library should have additional recycling bins to reflect the reputation of UCD being a green campus.

Additional Academic Advising Resource:

-Additional Peer-to-Peer Advising: I want to spearhead the creation of a volunteer peer advising opportunity for upperclassmen to offer academic advice to lower classmen. Underclassmen would be able to walk into peer advising in the Cuarto, Segundo, and Tercero centers during the evening to receive any urgent, general questions they have about college from a student's perspective.

-Student Adviser Accountability: Many of my peers have expressed there frustration with receiving incorrect major advising which has resulted in them taking additional classes and prolonging their graduation. I want to create a system where academic advisers are held accountable for any misleading or incorrect advice they give to students. Following students advising appointments, counselors would need to submit a form expressing the advice they gave to the student to resolve the reason for the student seeking council and sign-off on it. If advice negatively impacts the student, there will be a record that it wasn’t the student's fault which can result in more leniency on the schools part in finding a resolution.

-Course Catalogs: I will also advocate for the course catalogs to be updated with current/accurate information to reduce students and advisers mistakes in planning students college careers due to referencing outdated information.

More Social Events on Campus:

-Many students currently feel as though the only social highlights they have to get excited for are Picnic Day and Welcome Week. I’d like to collaborate with Entertainment Council and Student affairs to produce additional exciting events for students, particularly during Winter Quarter. In addition to this, I’d also like to focus on improving the methods of making people aware of the less popular events that already occur on campus in a manner that both better informs the student body and promotes enthusiasm.

-In regards to events produced by the school that are not free for students, I will also focus on advocating for lower prices for participation so that they are accessible to everyone. One example would be working with the Student Athletics Department to lower their fee to rent the pavilion space, so that the tickets for concerts that are will be cheaper.

Food and Financial Security:

-I hope to increase awareness of money saving opportunities for students by collaborating with the Davis Pantry, Global Food Initiative Ambassador, and UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships.