Bryan Perez

My name is Bryan Perez and I am a second year, majoring in political science and managerial economics. I’m a low income, first generation, Chicano student from a small city in southern California and quite knowledgeable about the University of California, Davis. The people, who personally know me, can describe me as someone who is determined to accomplish a goal, all the way through and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

I have experienced many activities during my first year like participating in student-housing events, becoming a tour guide and joining clubs. From all these, I began to understand the aspects of this university; however, I barely touched the surface of what UC Davis has to offer. This leads into why I am running for ASUCD Senate.

My platform is revolved around one theme and that is to make this campus friendly and safe for students to grow. By this, I mean that every student deserves the opportunity for a friendly environment to help them express themselves. During undergraduate, it is a vital time for students to start answering these following questions: who they are, what want they want to be and where to start. However, it is time-consuming for a majority of students to have concrete answers on these questions because of how overwhelming it can be for an undergraduate student. Therefore, I want provide information about resources on campus for students, in order to make their undergraduate experience less intimating. To accomplish this, I want to insert a stand or showcase, near the Memorial Union, that will show events and resources that are available for our students. I will also do my best to work alongside the organizations in the Student Community Center on how to notify students about their perks. Including working with the UC Davis Campus Recreation and Unions department on helping students be aware of the resources they have in their disposal. My agenda extends to other issues as well.

I want to focus on the lighting situation on campus. My plan is to add lights to areas that are pitch dark during nighttime like at the Arboretum and other places as well. Speaking of the Arboretum, I want to put blue emergency call poles at critical areas on campus. I will want to work with the on-campus Police department and the city’s Police department to make this possible.

Also, I want to provide the chance for another study space that is open 24 hours for our students at the Shields Library. I had considered the drawbacks on trying to make the Shields Library open 24 hours like adding more security and staff. However, I am not saying that I want the whole library to be open 24 hours. Instead, I am advocating for the first floor of the Shields Library to be open 24 hours. In order to make this happen, I want to meet with the faculty that oversee the library’s decisions and work with them to make that happen.

There are other items on my agenda that I plan to work on like having better communications between financial aid and student accounting, so that no student would get their class dropped by a simple error. Another item on my agenda will to be provide information on the location of bike pumps.

Throughout this statement, I know I have been simply stating ideas. I completely understand but once in office, I am going to do my very best to represent all communities and not discriminate any race, religion, color, or sexual orientation. We were all born to express ourselves and our opinions. I want to make sure that this campus respects those values and do not jeopardize them. Regardless of where each student came from, we all decided to invest towards a better life when we chose to come to UC Davis. Thus, if I do become your senator, I want to add that I am not better or less than anyone here; at the end of the day, we are all students attempting to strive for success. Please, vote for me and let me represent you all as senator. Your vote will not go to waste.