Jesse Kullar

Last quarter, I attended an ASUCD senate meeting where the topic of normalizing 5th and 6th year plans for engineering students was brought up. This deeply troubled me, because STEM is under represented in senate.

As an R1 research institution, with such a large percentage of the student body working towards a bachelor’s of science degree, it's is astounding that we have barely anyone representing those students. The needs of stem students are those of the school.

This clear lack of STEM representation in our student government is one of the goals of my campaign to change that. I want to bring more academic diversity to the table and ensure that the views and voices of all students are seen and heard. I believe in empowering and encouraging students; part of this includes providing all the possible resources for their benefit. While academics are important, balance is also necessary, and I’ve found that most people, like myself, turn to exercise as a healthy outlet, but I believe our outdoor athletic facilities could be significantly improved. Just as education is an investment, each student here is an investment and we should all have the best possible resources. In connection with these resources, I also want to focus on bringing more transparency to ASUCD Senate by expanding the existing capital to give students more accessibility to information that directly concerns them, like spending reports and bills.

I’ll make a point of delivering additional Engineering and STEM representation to the senate in order to give legislation an even more diverse insight in order to make sure that all student perspectives are heard. Frankly, I have the leadership experience and collaborative attitude necessary to speak up for students who otherwise would not have a voice. I’d voice any concerns or opinions my constituents have, while renovating a lot of our battered down facilities that have a lot of room for improvement. I hope to augment the level of transparency in ASUCD government and allow easy access to any documents and spending reports the students wish to see.

Coming to Davis as a freshman last year was exciting but terrifying. I was alone in a brand-new place and it was up to me to build my identity and find my sense of belonging here. Surprisingly enough, I found a community within intramural sports. Some of my best memories were from cold, late-night practices on the Dairy Field for IM Soccer in the fall, sunny afternoons on the tennis courts, and basketball pick-up games all year round. These places on campus became my safe havens when I was stressed with schoolwork and because they brought so much of an outlet to me, I’d like to give back and invest in them, which would ultimately be an investment in student health. I believe intramural sports should be more publicized and that extra care should be given to the fields and lights that thousands utilize daily.

We are products of our environment and that is why it is of utmost importance that we have the best resources and facilities; it all comes back to us. Understanding the student body’s concerns starts with us as well: through a 500+ person survey, I’m going to get an idea of student concerns, and apply them to my specific goals, as well as well as those of the student body. I believe that together we can make an efficient and lasting change to our campus community.