Gavenjit Kaur

Hi Aggies! My name is Gaven Kaur and I am a second year double majoring in psychology and communications. I have had experience working with ASUCD as a senate staffer and have grown to appreciate the way this organization represents the student body. Outside of ASUCD, I am a board member for Davis Women in Business, a writer for HerCampus, intern for a non-profit foster care organization called Together We Rise, and am on an intramural soccer team. I am passionate about making a positive impact on campus through my platforms and am highly motivated to be an active voice for our student body. I hope you'll support me by voting for me in this election so that I can work on my platforms to make UC Davis an even better school than it already is. Go Aggies!


Promote Importance of Self-Care on Campus

Self-care should always be a huge priority when it comes to being a college student. I hope to make self-care a bigger importance in our day to day lives and promote it more on campus. I wish to collaborate with the Student Health and Wellness Center and table outside in various spots on campus to try and reach out to students about the resources that this center provides. This would help students feel more comfortable going in for counseling sessions, informational flyers, etc. Many students get so caught up in their schoolwork, extracurriculars, family stress, etc that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves which can lead to more complicated issues and circumstances. Along with promoting self-care around campus, I also hope to try and reduce the stigma around mental health, especially in minority communities. I would like to hold workshops on techniques on how to educate older generations on the various mental health problems that students suffer from.

Improve Freshman Resources and Involvement on Campus

Based on experience, being a freshman at a large university like UC Davis can be very intimidating. However, there are many great opportunities for freshman to get involved that help with making Davis feel more like home. I hope to promote the importance of taking advantage of the many great resources that we have on campus for freshman students and create even more that would prove to be beneficial for them. I hope to hold important discussions/seminars in the dorms about things like mental health/self-care, getting involved on campus at an earlier point, how to stay healthy while being away from home, and more. It is important for students who are starting off their academic careers here at UC Davis to be well- equipped with knowledge about our school and all of the amazing opportunities that are out here for them.

Streamlined Letter of Recommendation Program

I hope to help create an online system via Oasis to make the process of receiving letters of recommendation a much smoother one. This would make the communication process easier for both the student and the professor. Not only would this help current students but it would also help students who have already graduated that may not live in the area but still need to get letters of recommendation in short time limits.